Where to buy Used MacBook Parts in Australia

One thing we know to be true is that Apple makes amazing products which are adored by millions of fortunate people across the globe, they changed the high-end consumer technology industry as we know it, for ever. Unfortunately, Apple does not empower third party repair shops and parts suppliers with new oem MacBook parts, albeit a few regional repair shops here in Australia. Basically, where there is a population without an Apple store. Due to Apple’s monopolistic closed supply chain policy this has given rise to markets filled with aftermarket third-party manufactured parts which from our experience are of questionable quality. MSR source’s used MacBook pro parts from all around the world but mainly right here in Australia. The back bone of the used MacBook parts market in Australia comes from devices which are purchased for less than the value of the parts, to break this down further our Sydney based parts supplier purchases new condition, pre-owned MacBook’s from users in the market for around $1000-1200 depending on chip ware and internal configurations. From there the supplier would off-load the parts to repair store like MSR. MacBook repair stores like MSR would pay approximately $450 -$500 for a used MacBook pro LCD screen, this leaves the supplier to sell the logic board for $850, the top-casing for $200-300. (approximate figures) If used MacBook parts suppliers have the distribution network for these parts, they can easily recoup their investment.

Advice on Buying Replacement MacBook Pro Logic boards

Replacement MacBook Pro Logicboard

uppliers that specialize in selling MacBook pro logic boards here in Australia and around the world, this is due to limited supply of reliable parts and repair complexity removing these logic boards from MacBook’s. As above, the only way to find great quality replacement apple logic boards is to find a supplier that pulls them from new or second-hand Apple devices. MSR suggest punters to make sure your supplier has good knowledge of handling apple logic boards as when removed from the MacBook’s top casing, the board and delicate chip ware will be exposed. It’s also recommended to handle the board in an anti-static environment, so no static shorts are caused. Most electronics stores will sell anti-static isolation bands and equipment. Late model MacBook boards are not modular in the sense that you can replace the SSD or RAM modules, Apple has made these components unique to each device thanks to Apples new T2 security authorisation chip. If something goes wrong with your MacBook SSD, unfortunately this means it’s time for a new logic board. MacBook Pro A1706, A1707, A1708, A1932, A2159, A1990 and 1989 all ship with touch i.d sensors which are also uniquely programmed to one specific MacBook logic board. If you buy a replacement late model logic board without the touch i.d fingerprint reader, you will no longer be able to use touch i.d to make payments and fingerprinted logins. Most suppliers may not be aware of this, so before buying make sure you ask them to also include the touch i.d sensor. As well as conventional parts suppliers, you can also check well known marketplaces like gumtree, Ebay, and Facebook marketplace for replacement parts. MacBook Pro Repairs should be completed by Experienced Tech Heads or Professionals “Do it yourself” is engrained in Australian DNA, growing up you are taught to do things yourself in order to make your hard-earned dollaree-doo go further. MSR embrace DIY, it’s a great thing and we here at MSR are hard-core repair doers, but MacBook’s and new model Apple devices like iPad Pro, iPhone Pro are all terribly delicate and becoming ever more expensive and difficult to repair. That said, providing you have good MacBook repair guides, tools and parts you can achieve anything. If you ever get stuck with a repair, the technicians at MSR Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are only a call away – we’d be happy to assist with your MacBook repair. Since MSR started years ago we’ve been able to help hundreds of Australian’s repair their MacBook laptops using premium grade second-hand parts sourced right here in Australia or from overseas. If you or your business needs hardware replacement and repair support give the team at MSR a call today for a no obligation free quote.