Why Cheap MacBook Screen Repairs are NOT worth it

The MacBook is a device that’s used by millions of people from all around the world. Praised for its speed and elegant look and created by the engineers at Apple – the number of people that use a MacBook is steadily increasing. While the MacBook is a sturdy, resilient device, it’s still possible that there may be malfunctions down the line, the more you use it. One of the most vulnerable parts of the MacBook is the screen. If your screen malfunctions or gets broken – then you will need to repair it. This can be a costly endeavor – but it’s a necessary investment. What some people want to do is cheat the system and pay for cheap MacBook screen repairs. Below you will find the reasons why getting a cheap repair for your MacBook screen is NOT worth it.

Cheap MacBook LCD Screens Fault Easily

Remember – the screen is an indispensable piece of the MacBook. You won’t be able to use it without it – and everyday use of the MacBook has a toll on the screen, as you open it and close it almost every day and sometimes multiple times in a single day. Well, genuine MacBook screens are made with cutting edge technology and they are much more resilient and durable when faced with everyday use. You can get a cheap MacBook screen repair – there’s no doubt about it. But this would be a mistake due to the inherent low quality of the MacBook replacement screen that you’ll get. If you get a low-quality LCD screen for your MacBook, then it won’t be able to withstand the demands of everyday use – and it will once again get broken.MacBook LCD Screen Repairs

Purchase an Original Apple MacBook LCD Screen

If you decide to pay a bit more for your MacBook screen repair – then you will get an original Apple MacBook LCD screen. If you make the purchase from our store, then you will get a pulled grade / second hand MacBook Pro display. Our displays are taken from “as new” MacBook devices – and they are built by Apple engineers, in an Apple factory. Since you won’t be able to purchase any official, genuine parts directly from Apple – this is the next best option for you as you will be getting a genuine quality spare part. Conversely, if you purchase a cheap MacBook screen, then you will most likely be getting a part that’s made somewhere in unlicensed factories by people that have nothing to do with the official Apple brand. And this will show in the screen’s functionality and durability – both of these parameters will be commensurately lower if you get a cheap MacBook screen.

Make Sure Your MacBook Screen Repair Comes with Warranty

If there’s no warranty for your new MacBook screen – then your alarm bells should ring – something is not right. If there’s no warranty, then it means that the repair store doesn’t stand behind their products – and if your screen gets broken in the following months (which is likelier than you think if you purchase a cheap MacBook screen), then you won’t get a replacement for free. What you want to do is find a MacBook screen with a warranty – the bigger the warranty the better. For example, if you make a purchase from our store, then you will get a 2 years guarantee. Our MacBook displays work as well as expected in the vast majority of cases – but even in the off-case that the MacBook screen malfunctions, you will get a free replacement under our warranty.

MacBook Screen Repair Brisbane

How will you fix your MacBook Screen?

As you can see, there are several disadvantages that you will experience if you get a cheap MacBook screen repair. The short term benefit of paying a smaller price won’t cover the disadvantage of purchasing a low-quality part that may very well malfunction soon enough after you purchase it. The smartest thing to do is to pay up a bit more and get a genuine Apple screen, covered by warranty – which will serve you well for a long time to come.